Wednesday, 4 July 2012

And I don't have anything to wear!!!!!!

There is this college reunion scheduled next week and I am already excited about it. My brain has started visualizing in advance...a perfect dress for the evening  as by now you all must know that I am way too much into planning. Though I have been promising myself daily to go home and decide the dress for the party but have been caught with some work or other. So yesterday after realizing that its high time and with just two days left, I should better sort this out. And thinking this, I opened my closet and after 30 minutes of close examination, I made this big statement in front of my husband - "I don't have anything to wear" to which my husband quipped promptly : As never have anything to wear.....and shifted his glare at the everlasting Euro cup on television as if nothing has happened. How I hate his indifference here ((((:

Sometimes I think "is this only with me...some kind of disorder or is this the case with everyone or its better to say with every girl???? After discussion with my bunch of friends...all girls...I was relieved to find out that I am not alone. But one thing is still a puzzle for me...How come boys don't face this problem...I mean what takes 5 hours for a girl to decide to wear, a boy is ready to go in 5 minutes.

So after tossing this question to my male friends and my husband of course...I am presenting a sum up of their view point of this whole scenario....

"It is not that by any chance girls have lesser clothes in their wardrobe than boys....but it is the storming thought process which  goes at the back of the mind of every girl when deciding what to wear for the event. Some of the most common questions which pop up in a girl's mind that are decision maker are listed below:

- What should I wear for the party : Indian or something western?
- What will Riya (hypothetical name) wear for the party?
- Would this be too casual or too formal?

****And when finally it is decided to wear western*****

- Should I wear an evening gown or a short dress?
- Am I looking fat in this one? ( Top rated question)
- Which color is 'IN' nowadays? it suiting me?
- When was last I wore this dress? ( Another important one!)
- I wore the same dress to the new year party 3 months ago....What will Siya think?..that I have only one   dress...
- Do I have a matching bag and shoes to go with the dress?
- What about the accessories???? What's in trend....a statement neck-piece or studded earrings???
- Will I look nice in this outfit?
- Is this uncommon??? What if Diya also wears the same color?
- Will everybody notice..will I look different?

Well, the endless questions......with the only motive "To give other girls an inferiority complex and stand out from the crowd, thus making a fashion statement."
And this whole world out here thinks that girls dress up to get a boy's attention....Yes, they do but after winning accolades and stares from their girly gang...while boys dress for themselves...or may be for girls..."

I personally feel that it is not the jealousy or attention but because girls have so many options to choose from and that is what confuses them to the core....And it is every girl's birth right to look their best in their every outfit. Hence, the thought process and the time. Cheer up girls....We rock!!!

So my dear readers, I leave this discussion open only to know what you have to say on this matter.....Guys and gals...shoot out your opinion....