Sunday, 3 February 2013


Step out of the house and all you see in the market is big white boards printed in red shouting SALE SALE SALE!!! 

One thing which I still don't understand is that why the word Sale is (mostly) printed in Red color.  The only reason which I (naughty me ;) can think of, is the danger color warning for every guy before he steps in the shop with his girlfriend or wife...that his wallet is at the risk of getting raided and for the is in red as it is the most attractive color with a very high frequency to be noticed.

Well whatever be the reason, this sale season comes every year.....year after a very odd time of the year. December - February is generally the big sale season..when a person is already bugged down by so many things. After being depleted of half of his savings in the festival season..Dussera, Diwali, Christmas, New Year...people are already struggling to manage to make ends meet...Then comes the another villain named Investment..which rub salt on the wounds... Among all these..there is this sale season teasing  us at our crisis and laughing at our thinning wallets and shrinking bank balance which has achieved a size zero figure by now.

But I will tell you the BIG surprise....I too wait for this sale period :) like others..The happiness quotient is a notch higher and the frequency of the market visits increase 3 fold. The temptation to buy branded things at half or one third price is so luring though I understand that it is not the case...but how does it matters even if  I am able to save some of the amount and the personal satisfaction of getting my favorite branded clothes at a lesser price than original. It is so difficult to resist yourself of the mouth watering sale...

A very handy tip coming from the horse's mouth....I mean to come from a freaking shopaholic me....that .. it is very important to make a list what you need otherwise you may end up spending your hard earned money buying stuff that you may not be in need of, which usually happens. So, think before you buy....

And now a confession....whenever I step in stores to buy out in sale....I like all the fresh or new arrivals...poor me (:  Does this happen with you too?

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Read your blog..I have a different experience to add here. Most of the times when I go just to give company for shopping, I end up shopping for myself. This happens coz a) the primary shopper doesn't get anything for self, and b) my temptation to buy or the deal overrides any list and the fact that I am just supposed to assist in buying :P

  2. LOL...this happens with many of us but not me as I just somehow cannot buy when I go shopping for others....I prefer to shop for me alone....and usually I have always in mind what I have to buy unless I see something very tempting or a good pair of footwear which I simply cannot resist....But then this sale season is simply fascinating..You tend to get some quite good deals at times :)
    Thanks for reading......

  3. :) to clear ur doubt...eoss takes place twice in a year..during Aug and during Feb to clear up season's stock of winter and summer so that the fresh.merchandises of summer and autumn can hit the store...specialy in our industry anything above 45 to 60 days( for tops) and anything above 90 day's( for bottoms) are called dead stock so brands clear it we end up saving money for tax brands try to make more and more Sales to generate more revenues.....thanks to all shoppers...:)

    1. Hey, thanks for the information....Sale is always welcome...the only problem was the timing...but anyways Thanks to all Shoppers and Cheers to Shopping :) Sale season rocks!!!