Thursday, 3 May 2012

Defining Me – The Charismatic Leo!

‘I was the one who changed, it wasn’t fashion. I was the one who was in fashion’ – Coco Chanel.

That’s what I call attitude and that’s why I just love this line as it defines me.

With this first post of mine, which has come after much contemplation, I would like to tell people who will be a part of my blog about ME. Not that I am a celebrity or have done something great to be profusely mentioned….but to connect with the readers.

I am a fun loving person with self belief and positive outlook towards life. With countable number of years to grab, why not live each moment and enjoy it. I am passionate about life and everything else associated with it.

I want to be a leader, a solution provider, a person with whom everyone can relate with.....

I am a SHOPAHOLIC in true sense. Can just spend hours together shopping alone, finding out new trends, exploring markets, every nook n corner….in search of something different appealing to me rather than just being in fashion. My closet is oozing out of the innumerable clothes, handbags, shoes in almost every color, accessories, stoles n various other obsessions…the latest being the home decor stuff…I have one cherished dream to build a full wall size wardrobe for my shoes in my house when I buy one...crazy but a dream! I am a perfectionist by my own definition. I like everything to be in perfect place…be it my workplace, handbag, my wallet, my closet, my bedroom, my kitchen or even my bathroom…Everything just has to be in place. At times I end up having no me time but a satisfaction that, Yes, everything is as it should be. Even a slight misalignment of things makes me restless. I like colors and like to get dressed in every hue of them. I love my friends and respect friendship.  I am a people’s person and can’t live in isolation except from little priceless Me moments. I love socializing and cannot be stranded indoors. Like recognition and love praises….I mean who does not…its normal…I am crazy about music and can listen to it even while sleeping….can hear any genre of music…I love reading and can spend 24 hours on internet without getting bored...And Yes, I am addicted to social networking.

You must be thinking that has this lady gone insane, praising herself all loud on a public forum (apne muh miya mitthu), but that’s how I am. This does not means that I am full bag of all goodies to blabber about ….there are a few (to be noted) negatives too. I can be dominating sometimes when things are not done my way and if there are no explanations so as to why it is being done, the way it is being done. I love to keep my house my way…suggestions are always welcome but final verdict is mine. I am damn choosy about food which has improved a lot, courtesy my hubby…who has made me taste a plethora of vegetarian variety out of which I had tasted none till recent past...liked a number of them….I do take time to get ready when going out…but that’s with every girl I believe…..and Yes, I have this sort of disorder of rechecking the door latches, gas knobs, electrical switches which can be really irritating at times..but can’t help myself to get rid of this habit…trust me have tried really hard to do so…..hell lot of emotional…can cry at the drop of the hat….

Now enough of my criticism….I am a lovely person to hang out with, to discuss your problems with, a solution finder, a friend of friends and a true motivator.  Traditional at heart yet modern in thoughts.

I luv to smile, to celebrate each day, like to be surrounded by friends…luv to shop…a cleanliness freak, …a lover of music….passionate about little things in life….I believe in living life king size….I simply luv to be Loved.

Now that you know me as a person, do be a part of my life connecting with me through my blog.

As my blog says, Imprints of the MIND, I believe that there are number of things happening around us that compel us to stop and ponder....thought provoking...leaving a mark on our conscious mind…redefining the thought process.  So, I will try to share such moments, insights which make me stop and think over them. Let the mind pour in…

My dear readers….keep participating and keep connecting…do share your thoughts to let me know that we are together…they are valuable to me. After all, it isn't just about MY thoughts,  it's also about YOUR thoughts.

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