Monday, 27 August 2012

25 Random Things About Me....

A visit to my blog made me realize that its been almost two months I have written something. Quite bad for a starter like me. Have been really busy travelling so just could not grab time for my dear blog...Today after having some 'ME' time after long...I tried to write something.....but was not able to put my thoughts into words.....Hence this post on 25 random things about get back on the writing horse...

1~ I just love to talk...can go for hours together and on any matter under the sun. May be not an expert's view on every topic but yes, a line or two is sure to come from me.

2~ I simply am a movie and music buff...can watch any damn movie and music has to be ringing in my ears like 24 * 7..any genre of music is fine...depending on the mood.

3~ I get very easily attached to people even when I have met them few times.

4~ I am a leo in true everything associated with glitter and things to be magnificent and swanky....

5~ I have a shoe fetish..can't control myself buying a pair every now and then when I like one..which I do very often...Would be owning minimum 50 pairs by now.

6~ I am a cleanliness freak..This one habit of mine has pissed off many. One of the few reasons of my fight with M....can't be still until everything is at its place.

7~ As soon as I get to know about a special event or a function to attend...the thought process of what to wear starts running through my mind.....I love dressing up for occasions...

8~ I like watching people...their talking...their dressing sense..their activities..I like sitting in a corner and observe how each one has his own distinct style from another...I prefer a seat in restaurants where the whole place is in-front of my eyes....

9~ I am a to shop...ALONE...can't understand how people can go in gangs for shopping..not my idea for sure. I have to check out 10 stores before buying from I believe that nobody has the patience and stamina to bear in my shopathons including M...But yes..I can accompany anybody for their shopping as I have a good taste of things.. that's not what only I think... believe me ;)

10~ Th first thing after having my favorite McAloo tikki from McD is to throw the tomato slice out of that yummy burger...somehow I don't like raw tomato...yuckkk.

11~ The bestest actor ever till now & forever is and will be the King icon of romanticism... I have seen his each and every movie... will surely dedicate one of my posts to my star actor.

12~ I love to attend the whole concept and every details associated with it...especially the rituals and the glamour

13~ I get along with any age group...from a kiddo to an oldie..have stuff to talk to each one of them.

14~ I have this habit of collecting various cute and beautiful home decor stuff...have so many of them in all sizes and shapes and colors.

15~ I love colors...all of them in their one shade or other.

16~ The concept of travelling light is just not meant for me... However minimum I try to can never be less than a big bag...Have paid once Rs. 3K for extra baggage.

17~ I like to keep everyone happy and satisfied around me...Cheerful me!

18~ I don't like people who don't apply their own mind...but try to copy each and everything that others do.. be different baby..

19~ I like socializing and get togethers...I try my best to be in touch with all my friends.

20~ I like driving fast ONLY when I am in the driving seat.

21~ I am not a great food lover...can eat anything vegetarian that is hygienic and keeps me filled and satisfied...empty stomach gives me headache (:

22~ I like to be updated on fashion and keeps checking out for what's in and what's to read fashion blogs and magazines.

23~ I like to maintain a diary for records of all the important dates associated with all the special events of my life....even have the restaurant's bill and movie tickets of my first outing with M.

24~ I like public display of affection (the so hyped PDA) but in limits....Just love the thought of a long walk with holding hands of that special someone.

25~ Last but not the least....I love to live life.