Thursday, 11 October 2012

Crazy Colors...

Have you ever imagined your life without Black and gloomy & lifeless, so dull & boring.... Colors are very noticeable attribute of the world around us. They add the beauty and charm to the world. They have so much to identity, feelings, recognition, happiness, imagination. Each color has its beauty...each one has a different story to say...Ever wondered that a color change can let us know that the fruit is ripe to eat...there are many such signals which colors impart to our life....the onset of spring...the fall of dawn....the crimson fire...silver streaks of cloud....the golden paddy fields.... Colors are the smiles of nature making it picturesque.

Feel the difference yourself!!!

Every color has a meaning associated with it and certain colors are known to lift up our moods for better.....Have you noticed that why people are more relax in green color rooms or why do weightlifters do their best in blue gyms. Much has been studied and written about colors and their impact on our daily lives. Color can influence our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. In fact, researchers and psychologists have also tried to understand the impact that colors have in our life and our emotions so that these can perhaps be used as a way of therapy... color therapy and enhance the well being of people. 

Throughout the world, Rainbows, a spectrum of seven colors is considered a symbol of hope. So, here is a brief description about colors and the meanings associated by them as per the various existing color theories.

RED symbolizes Action, Confidence, Courage

The most intense and passionate color. Red color is associated with heart and perhaps that is why it symbolizes love, passion, desire. Red is also associated with enthusiasm, energy and immediately draws attention. But since this color is so intense, it also can mean danger and is therefore used in traffic signals stop sign. It is also an appetite stimulant, thus often used in restaurants.

# I associate Red with love and attraction.

BLUE symbolizes Youth, Spirituality, Truth, Peace

Blue is among the most popular color and can be seen generously in nature...the color of the Sky and the Sea. It is associated with peace and tranquility. This color also symbolizes calmness and loyalty & is often painted in bedrooms. It also signifies dependability, communication and trustworthiness. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. It is the least gender specific color having equal appeal to both men & women. People are more productive in blue rooms. However blue is also associated with depressing and cold feelings...... remember Monday Blues???

# I associate Blue with evergreen and imperial

GREEN symbolizes Life, Nature, Fertility, Well Being

Green symbolizes nature and a renewal of life. It has relaxing qualities and is regarded as a symbol of freshness. It also has the meaning of fertility and so in many cultures, a bride wears green. Hospitals often use green as it relaxes patients. So it can be used for peace & harmony as well as to heal from depression, nervousness and other physical problems. The darker shade of green is considered rather masculine and signifies wealth and a conservative attitude.

# I associate Green with freshness and serenity.

YELLOW symbolizes Wisdom, Joy, Happiness, Intellectual Energy

Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention-getter. While it is considered as an optimistic color, people lose their temper more often in yellow rooms and babies cry more. It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused. Yellow enhances concentration and speeds up metabolism. It also symbolizes enlightenment, a positive future and energy along with creativity. This color can stimulate the nervous system and aid in communication & creativity.

# I associate Yellow with celebrations and cheerfulness, also 'sunny side up' :)

ORANGE symbolizes Vitality, Endurance, Warmth, Strength

A relative of red has a strong positive as well as a negative association. This color signifies warmth and a lot of energy, can stimulate activity and encourages socialization. It is also an appetite stimulant. Orange is associated with sun, happiness, creativity, success and energy. Orange positively affects your mood and is very suitable for home decoration because it gives warmth to the living space.

# I associate Orange with vibrant and joyous.

PURPLE symbolize Royalty, Magic, Mystery

Purple symbolizes royalty, luxury & wealth. It is a mysterious color derived from a mixture of opposites...Red's stimulation & Blue's calm. It has a very large feminine appeal to it and is therefore closely associated with romance. It however seems artificial at times as it is rare in nature.

# I associate Purple with Brinjal (that is what comes to my mind now :P 

PINK symbolizes Love, Beauty

Pink can be youthful, fun, exciting & some have the same high energy as red..They are sensual & passionate without being too aggressive. Toning down the passion of red with purity of white results in the softer pinks that are associated with romance and blushing....It is the color of happiness and lightheartedness.

# I associate Pink with femininity and tenderness.

BROWN symbolizes Earth, Order, Connected

Brown can be seen everywhere in the form of ground and is an earthy color thereby implying quality of dependability. It can bring a feeling of connection with everything organic and has a sense of orderliness & stability around it. It also symbolizes sadness and wistfulness.

# I associate Brown with chocolates :)

GREY symbolizes Sorrow, Security, Maturity

It is the color of intellect, knowledge & wisdom. It is perceived as long lasting, classic and often as sleek refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative and carries authority. But it is mostly associated with sorrow and loss.

# I associate Grey with dullness and boring.

BLACK symbolizes Death, Earth, Stability

Black has always been regarded as a powerful color with authority and power. In fact fashion experts often advise professionals to wear black since it is ordinarily stylish and has a timeless elegance to it and it also make people appear thinner. It also symbolizes submission in many ways & perhaps that is why it is worn by priests as a symbol of their complete submission to God. It also represents aloofness, emptiness, mysterious and evil.

# I associate Black as classy and sophisticated.

WHITE symbolizes Purity, Cleanliness

White is a neutral color that has always been associated with purity, innocence and freshness. This is the reason why white is worn by brides as it symbolizes virginity and a new beginning. It also implies sterility and safety and is therefore worn by doctors for its association with healing. Houses also have a white fence signifying safety. This color symbolizes fresh beginning and is supposed to help in clear thinking and purification of thoughts

# I associate White as pious and pure.

I came across this interesting piece of information which I would like to share with you regarding colors  having different meaning in different cultures...

China - symbol of celebration and luck, used in many cultural ceremonies that range from funerals to weddings.
India - color of purity (used in wedding outfits).
United States - Christmas color when combined with green, Valentines Day when combined with pink, indicates stop (danger) at traffic lights.
Eastern cultures - signifies joy when combined with white.

Asia - sacred, imperial.
Western cultures - joy, happiness.

China - associated with immortality.
Colombia - associated with soap.
Hindus - the color of Krishna.
Jews - holiness.
Middle East - protective color.
Blue is often considered to be the safest global color.

Ireland - religious significance (Protestant).
United States - inexpensive goods, Halloween (with black).

China - studies indicate this is not a good color choice for packaging, green hats mean a man's wife is cheating on him.
France - studies indicate this is not a good color choice for packaging.
India - the color of Islam.
Ireland - religious significance (Catholic).
Some tropical countries - associated with danger
United States - indicates go (safe) at traffic lights, environmental awareness, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas color (red and green).

Western cultures - royalty.

Colombia - discourages sales.

Eastern cultures - mourning, death.
Japan - white carnations signify death.
United States - purity (used in weddings).

Western cultures - mourning, death.

These different colors fill our life with the vividness and having them around us is truly a blessing.

So when have you lately felt Blue or blushed pink? 

I love all the colors in their different shades but my  favorite color is Red.  Which is your's?

Colorful Me....

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