Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rules for a happy U...

My life so far has been a smooth ride accompanied with small hiccups here and there. It was all rosy when I was protected under the duvets of my parents love. But I got to know the real meaning after being independent, well enough to face the world. And it has taught me a lot of things which I think will pave the way for me to tread the rest of my life. I will like to share some of the points which I feel are most relevant and may have brushed across everyone's mind for once.

Believe firmly that whatever happens; happens for good.

However rough patch you are going through, just have faith that it will pass and will be followed by something good. This is just a way of God to test you and ascertain that you are strong enough to face the tough world out there. If life will be a bed of roses then how will you learn to deal with thorns?

Decide what you want?

It is nobody but you who have to decide what you want from your life or which direction you want your life to proceed. Nobody can plan a life chart for you, they can guide you through the way but ultimately the baton is  in your hand. You are the propeller! 

Do not judge yourself through someone else's eyes.

No one knows who you are as a person, better than you yourself. Praise yourself for anything good you do and learn lessons from your mistake as no one is perfect. It can be a wrong thing for someone, when it is an excellent job done for you. So don't measure yourself on someone else's scale. Every individual has his/her own parameters to define good or bad. Think that you gave this task the best you can have given. Learn the art of appreciating yourself. 

Let people do bad, God is there to pay them back. It is not your job.

Just be yourself and try not to hurt anybody purposely. Spread joy and see how it rebounds to you. Remember always : What goes around, comes around. Karma's a ya back!!!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Never ever let a thought of being inferior in any terms let cross through your mind. God has created everyone unique and you are having something which no person in this whole world may be having. Whatever it is, its yours. Believe in yourself and say to yourself, 'I am GOD's unique child and he has showered his choicest blessings on me.'

Don't crib: There may be something better than this for you in store.

It is easy to find loopholes in everything that happens in our life. But just cribbing about that will do you no good. Take this as a way of God of having second thoughts and realizing that this child of him is a real sweetheart and he/she deserves a lot better than this.

Express your love...

Whatever you may be feeling for a person, your love one, parents, friends: just taking some time out to tell them how much you love them makes all the difference. It can mean the world to that person at that moment. Spread love and see how your life becomes a long lasting love affair. Reciprocate as well.

Don't postpone Joy!

We all have the habit of postponing everything to tomorrow, even our celebrations. We always wait for that big moment. But we hardly realize that we are missing the small celebrations which make us and others around us happy. Share happiness with your near and dear ones and see how it multiplies manifold. Who knows about that big moment?

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

We are knowingly or unknowingly dependent on a number of people for support. But we should not make us such that the non availability of that person makes us feel helpless and shattered. We don't realize our strength until we are helpless and have no other options but to do it on our own.

Last but not the least...

Nothing last forever; not even your troubles.

Everything in this fast paced world in short lived. Even your troubles which are now giant sized may not last forever. They will subside and vanish in the due course. So don't lose hope and feel low. Gather the courage and fight them back and emerge as a winner, as you are the only one who can push them away from you.

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