Sunday, 14 October 2012

Most obvious & not so obvious benefits of Facebook...

As social networking is the new 'IN' thing across the world, Facebook, one of the most famous social networking platform has become a rage with over one billion active users as on September 2012.  Now with its mobile applications, it is more easily accessible to people. I am a big admirer of Facebook for some of the obvious reasons and for some of the not so obvious ones too. Let me share with you the top ten benefits of this FAD :)

1 :) It helps you to connect with new friends and discover your long forgotten childhood friends whose faces you don't remember and can't believe on seeing them that they can grow so beautiful or such dumb :P

2 :) It helps you to share your photos, ideas...voice your thoughts and get opinions on a particular  point. It facilitates exchange of ideas through common interest groups or friends. Also can help to highlight any social issue which needs attention and awareness.

3 :) It is a source of information, news, updates which goes viral on the net and helps us to be updated on what is happening around us.

4 :) A great platform for business promotions with the help of creating your Ad pages/Fan pages. Helps you to pass the information about products, features, company etc.

5 :) People can look out for various employment opportunities which are continuously posted and updated on the concerned pages.

Now these were some of the obvious reasons citing the benefits of Facebook. Now let me quote the not so obvious ones.

6 :) A great tool to peep into other's life and check what are they doing, who are they friends with or  stalking your ex's....and off course the motive is just being updated.....I mean that's this site is for...what say :)

7 :) Apt and timely utilization of the place locator tool to let the people know that you have been to some of the most exotic places in the world for your weekends or vacation ;) smell something burning???

8 :) Generates the feel good factor on receiving hundreds of 'WOW' and fab comments on uploading your unlimited photos which portray you as a diva or a dude...Thanks to so many simple photo editing techniques or else you would have not recognized yourself in some of those......

9 :) Euphoria of having hundred likes to your great thought posted as your status message...All thanks to the founder of 'Ctrl C' and 'Ctrl V' function. Hats off!!!

10 :) This one is the real its true sense...A free remedy to your killer boredom...a time pass when you have no other work or are too lazy to move your bum. 

Are you having some other not so obvious benefits in your mind.....Do share in :)))

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