Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not a good start...

Sad Smiley Face Card
I know you all must be wondering about my hideout post new year. But trust me, I am going through not a very good patch of my life. Otherwise, there would not be a reason why I would be visiting my blog after 20 days. This little world of mine is one of the most lovely places where I love to be. But all these worries are keeping me apart from it. Don't understand why things are not going fine and the very start of the year has been tremulous...God knows how the year will go on, the year which has yet to offer me a lot of special things....

I consider myself as one of the most positive person, but sometimes I feel, life is not all that rosy which I think, it is. May be God is testing my patience and everything will fall in its place...but how come this is happening in every aspect of my life...professional, personal, emotional....I don't know how to deal with it.....At times, I feel hopeless....then I console myself to be strong..... the very next moment I am crying.....I am not able to understand what is happening with me.....Please GOD...help me....guide me...how to steer through this difficult time and be the person I am....


  1. Charu I know,its important to give appropriate importance to that sad moments. Its well and fine that you have cried, are sad,but why continue it for too long? Why give reasons to yourself saying you cant help it and not come out the shell. On the contrary, no one but you yourself can help yourself. You got to be a lit’ selfish here. To get over it you need to make consious effort to think different.

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  2. Thanks Lipsy for motivating me and showing me a ray of hope...Yes it is only us who can pull our-self out of the shell....Will really try hard to make things turn good for me :)

  3. I always remember the lines " things could have been worse " hence keep smiling !! I completely understnd what an how it feels but it's these testing times that want to pull us down n win over us ! But we strong honest women Shudnt loose hope !! Always remember HE is with you at every step !!! Lots of love to u :) happy new year dear !!! May all ur dreams come true :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot Maha for your sweet and encouraging words...and the line which I remember is "Problems are Opportunities" u remember....
      Love you too and Miss you!!!

  4. Miss you tooo loads !!! Take care :)