Wednesday, 6 February 2013

House Arrest...

Its official.....I am having chicken pox and have been advised complete isolation by the doctor. When the doctor was giving this advice to me, he seemed to be the jailer sentencing me house arrest for 2 weeks...Oh head was spinning...worried not by the fact that I have this chicken pox but that I would not be able to step out of the house for 15 days which were sounding like 15 years for me...completely nightmarish..

The kind of person I am who feels suffocated even if I am made to sit whole day at home,,,and to be isolated to a room was an irony in itself.

I was almost up to tears thinking of my house arrest or rather room arrest and how now M will have to do manage everything alone. He took work from home for two weeks and I also informed my senior of my absence. But then, my problem remained... what to do??? At that thought, I thanked the person who invented internet without which I would have died of boredom in that room. Just sitting in that room of 16 ft by 12 ft, I had breakfast, lunch, dinner served in my room..All thanks to the care given by M...And here I was sitting counting days and praying to the almighty to somehow fast forward the time and make this week pass by quickly so that I can be a free bird again. M has made all arrangement to help me keep, music, books, movies, newspaper etc but my wanderer soul was craving to go out and this feeling was heightened & worsened on weekend when I would imagine all my friends enjoying out there  while I am sitting in the room due to this stupid thing....M would just tease me to keep things light that God had punished you for making me go out every weekend with you,,so now you are confined and to which I would warn him of the coming weekend where he will have to compensate for this one and we both would laugh our heart out.....

But all thanks to my doctor and my presence of mind that the viral attack was not a severe one as I had heard of and I have almost recovered in a week. Can't imagine though that I actually drank so much of cooling juice like coconut water, buttermilk, orange juice, litchi juice even water in just these few days. Probably more than what I had for a year. And the worse of torture was that I was not supposed to take bath for five days so as not to spread the infection. Poor me (:

For my wonderful hubby, thank you M for all the things you have done to ensure that I am given the best. Many thanks to my friends & relatives for giving me calls to check that I am doing good. 

So friends, I am all done from this itchy disease ridden captivity and out of my hibernation and ready to rock this weekend.


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