Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Just Like That...

Hey people...please forgive me for the crime I have done...Crime...yes of course..absconding from this platform for over than three months is a crime for sure.....So I apologize everybody for that......I am in a happy state of mind with some of very pleasant things happening with people around me and those who are important in my life. Will give the updates later. Most of my wishes are being granted by Dear God...I thank to him with all my heart...May he keeps his blessings like this ever on me :)))

And yes what I have been doing all this while....My in-laws visited us for over a month and then I visited my parents....So that kept me busy...the rest of the time passed by in excitement and all the preparations....But now I am back to my normal routine and how I missed this place....

Well as the IPL is over, hope this will make my weekends more happening as M would have no reason to stay back and watch those unending numerous cricket matches. Lot of good movies are lined for released...Its long since I saw a good movie with the whole gang...Weather is also showing off its good behavior..While everybody all over India is complaining of the heat waves, Bangalore is still way better than the rest. I celebrated my car's first anniversary...its really special...There are no holidays in the coming two months so it would be no play all work for all the five days of week except the lovely weekends which I start waiting from every Monday itself ;)

What else, I am putting everything which is coming to my mind right now...May be random but that is the state of my mind now..I am happy to be here with all you lovely readers. 

Keep loving me and reading...


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