Friday, 12 July 2013

Copy Cats...

The other day I was talking to one of my friends about the people who are perfect to be crowned away with glory with the super title of COPYCATS. And our discussion made me write this up here to share all the qualities of these weird creatures and my hatred for them.

I don't like it when people compare their lives with others and try to copy, imitating the other person in almost everything just to be like him./her or envy them...Why can't they be original or at least appreciate someone or something taking inspiration from them rather than blindly copying them. Everyone has his/her own unique qualities...why not try to accentuate them rather than trying to be someone else. 

And God, what they don't copy....What you wear, how your wear, your hairstyle accessory, the way you do up your home, kitchen...from your refrigerator to your the shade of vast it ranges.....How can one be so sick!!! True..those people are mentally sick.

I do understand that people like how others do something, even I do and that is the way to learn new things from experience but at least have the gratitude and courtesy to appreciate the choice & taste of person and your desire to try it yourself. Instead these irritating creatures will copy it and portray as if its their though work taking the credit from the original person sheepishly. BUT hey remember that you can copy everything from head to toe or from this corner to that, but you damn cannot copy the attitude. And yes if you think everybody around is fool not to understand your cheap tactics,, are surely mistaken...

I really appreciate people who are original in their thoughts..ideas and have the guts to appreciate others for their good things.Who doesn't like some or the other thing in other's life....I have friends whom I admire for their attitude towards their life...their dressing sense...but yes I praise them for their good quality and try to imbibe something from them in myself but not copying blindly inch by inch just to be a mirror image of them. Be happy for others happiness and see how your's increase up by many folds. I am not preaching but I try to follow this : "If you are Good, then everything Good will happen to you".

Everybody out their know that you are a bloody copycat and Yes to you...I dislike Copycats (hate would be quite a strong word).

I am sure all of you have come across someone apt to suit this title in your life as I have seen handful of them in mine....

Wanna share some instances....It will be fun :)


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