Thursday, 27 December 2012

Bollywood 2012 - My Bests & Worsts...

2012 has been great for me as far as movie watching is concerned. I & M have seen number of movies...handful of them planned and a number of them unplanned. As 2012's last big banner and the most awaited movie 'Dabangg 2' is released now,  the filmi pundits have also gone on a new year break.  This year had its share of  some mind blowing hits along with some mind baffling ones too. Here are my picks of best and worst of 2012 from Bollywood.


ENGLISH VINGLISH: Being Gauri Shinde's debut film, this one is hard to be unliked by anyone. Sridevi, in her comeback movie, has done fabulous job and has proved her acting talent yet again. Truly depicting the emotions of a woman who wants to do everything possible to please her family only to be humiliated by kids and husband for her speaking skills. Truly a mirror of society. Hats Off Performance by Sridevi!

OH MY GOD: Another fantastic movie which is a brave satire on commercialization of religion and God. Fabulous acting by Paresh Rawal. This movies preaches to believe in GOD not to follow traditions blindly. The way to God's heart is by helping the needy not by spending money in temples. Wonderful message :)

VICKY DONOR: Totally out of the league with an all new star cast, this movie can be termed as the most hilarious movie of the year made on a sensitive topic like sperm donorship. It has spread the message in a very light yet convincing way. Fabulous acting by handsome Ayushmann Khurrana and ever charming beauty Yami Gautam. Also special mention to Annu Kapoor.

BARFI: This film by Anurag Basu proves Ranbir Kapoor as the scene stealer. No bold dialogues, no loud music, this movies echos the silence of its two main protagonists. A perfect example showing the celebration of life. Standing ovation to the charismatic appeal of RK. Priyanka also does a fabulous job but her acting skills could have been extracted for more. But a must watch different love triangle with  refreshing set of songs. Paisa Vasool!!!

KAHAANI: An amazing suspense thriller, with a beautiful Durga Pooja backdrop and an unexpected ending. Vidya Balan has rocked in the movie. This proves that if the story is strong, film can be a hit inspite of a male lead. Be it the story, the dialogues, the narration or the acting, the film excels in all. Truly an award winning performance. 

Not to forget Jab Tak Hai Jaan (special mention as it is a SRK movie :D ), Gangs of Wasseypur ( not yet seen but going by the general acclaim), Talaash, Dabangg 2, Ishaqzaade.


AIYYA: Don't know what was Rani Mukherjee thinking while signing this film as her comeback. Poor story and script has let down the audience. Nothing much to say about the film just that this can give a shock to your mind. Awful...Aiiiyyyyoooooo!!!

DANGEROUS ISHQ: Again a bad choice for a comeback. Too less of a time to depict a story spread across a timleine of 500 years. Karishma is a superb actor but her skills get wasted here. Nothing to offer. Jimmy Shergill looks cool but has only a limited role. Don't dare to watch.

JOKER: Another mindless film with nothing to offer. Not expected by Akshay Kumar. Perfect example of how too much madness spoils the movie. Dont watch if you want to avoid a headache. Event the aliens would be amused at their picturisation. Total Bakwaas!

HEROINE: The much hyped and controversial film of Madhur Bhandarkar finally banked on Kareena Kapoor's shoulders. But there was nothing new. Earlier it was fashion industry and now its film industry. Rest is the same. This cannot be expected from an award winning director. Kareena Kapoor looks glam and classy but lack of good screenplay & direction spoiled the film. Over-hyped...

KHILADI 786: Go to the theatre after keeping your brain and logic at home as there is no need for both of them. Mindless comedy and mindless action forms the part of the film. Akshay Lumar should now go for something serious. Picturisation is colorful and I like the songs. The worst logic is the story of Akshay's family. Total paisa & time wastage...

There are many in the list but these are the most highlighted ones? Is your list something different from this? Wanna share with me :)

Bollywood Rocks!!!

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