Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Jaago Mohan Pyare...

I just don't like getting up too early in the morning. I am a night person.You ask me to be awake all night and I would be up like an owl but to get up early or rather really late night (for me) is just not my cup of tea...I set up four alarms to get up in the morning. If I have to get up at 7 then my alarm starts at 6.30 then 6.45 then 7.00 then 7.15, just in case, if I missed the last ones. Two days later, I have a 6 am flight to board for my friend's wedding and I am loosing my sleep over it now only. A 6 am flight means, I will have to get up at around 2.30 am to get ready in time with my  last minute packing and to have my refreshing cup of tea without which I feel I am sleep walking.  Whether I sleep early last night or late, it's always difficult. Sometimes I think to get up at 2.30, I should not sleep at all but foreseeing the busy days of wedding I have decided to take a quick nap to rest my ever wandering eyes.

Apart from this hard task, I am really excited about the trip as I love to attend marriages and its long ending affair of rituals & celebrations. Really looking forward to it. Will update on the details of my trip later.

I swear I will never book an early flight.  Getting out of bed so early is the hardest challenges of the day. 

Ain't this funny !!!
Just remembered this quote, slightly twisted but quite apt in today's scenario...

"Early to rise, and early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead...."

Ciao till then :)))

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