Friday, 28 December 2012

Cocktail of Thoughts...

It seems just yesterday when our gang was storming their brains to decide upon the theme and color code for the new year party 2012....and today as the year is almost bidding goodbye with 2013 knocking loud...I feel that time really does fly and more so when we want it to hold on.

2012 has been fairly okay for me with its share of mixed moments of good and not so good times.

My black beauty aka my car became mine after months of contemplation and frustration of deciding which one to buy. It is a different feeling and yes owning a four wheeler is not a luxury anymore.

Happy Birthday to my BLOG...Imprints of the MIND.....I entered the blogging world in Dec 2011 but have started putting stuff here from May 2012...So going by the writing phase its still midway but going by the blog turns a year old and here is me wishing my blog a very Happy Birthday....

I have seen a number of movies..both good and bad and like the movie buff I am, any movie has to be damn irritating to-be not liked by you know my choice...I can watch any damn movie except few but in theatres of home I have lot more other options and engagements..also 2012 gave a wide variety of movies....some very good ones with excellent social messages.

Attended a good friend's engagement and wedding...and believe me it was fun...reminded  me of my own wedding...same anxiety, confusion, planning, budgeting...lots of shopping.

This year has witnessed a lot of deaths of some very popular figures and yes many others of course. Life is short, so enjoy it...and whoever you may be....everyone has to face the same fate. Ya, sounds philosophical but its true.

There has been increase in the crime rate...deaths, kidnaps, rapes, murders, extortions...The latest being the brutal gang rape case of Delhi..This all saddens me. Makes me think that no place is literally safe for girls and why parents are right when they say they are more worried about the girls than the boys..the logic stands clear apart.

The inflation has touched a new peak. I have come to realize this as I have felt this in my daily routine. Sugar has risen from 16Rs/kg to 40Rs/Kg, Gas cylinder increases four times the rate I remember...from 100 to 430 Rs....Petrol has become priceless...and is continuously doing so. What irks me is that our salary is not increasing in that proportion and our hard earned money which we pay as the so called taxes is adding to the bank balance of the corrupt politicians.

Lot of other events have happened across the year but these are few which I can think as of now that have been directly or indirectly added to my memory.

So my 2012 was ok ok..How's your been?


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