Monday, 31 December 2012

Flashback 2012...

A quick recap of my 2012 before waving off a final good bye:

January - Car Hunting & M's birthday celebrations
February - Car Booking & House hunting
March - Finally Car brought home and new home setting
April - Took Driving classes
May - Serious thoughts to blogging and started devoting time to my blog
June - Nothing great happened except the heat
July - Tickets booked for Diwali
August - Visit to Ahmedabad and My birthday celebrations
September - Lots of shopping
October - Friend's Engagement & again lots of shopping
November - Visit to home for Diwali, Our marriage anniversary, Seen JAB TAK HAI JAAN (not so impressive) 
December - Christmas Celebrations, Friend's Wedding

Time to welcome new year full of hopes and aspirations :)

Goodbye!!! 2012...

Its Party Time :)))))

Loads of Love

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