Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I want to LEARN...

A few days ago when I saw a person playing guitar in a mall, I was just enthralled by his performance. His fingers were giving birth to melodious music. That made me realize, how much I wanted to learn guitar but somehow never found out time. So I thought to write down things which I want to learn and make sure that I manage to take out little time for myself to know them one by one.


Dance - The several reality dance show presenting skilled dancers has invoked in me the burning desire to learn a dance form. This has been my wish from my school days. I fancy Salsa but also feel that the classical training is a must to know the intricacies of basic dancing and to acccustom the body to various dance forms.

Guitar - I had always wanted to learn a musical instrument, either a synthesizer or a guitar......and decided on  guitar when I saw that Mhmd. Rafi's song 'Kya Hua Tera Vada' from movie Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi......in which Tariq Khan is playing guitar along with Rishi kapoor in the frame. Remember that song? Ya...very old one but one of my favorites :)

Baking - I wish to learn baking one day and make some really yummy mouth watering cakes, muffins, cookies :) and to decorate them

Stiching - I want to learn some basic stitching as I am or rather M is tired of my unending visits to my tailor almost every other day for some alteration.

Whistle - I know this might sound funny but this I so want to learn to be able to blow a super powerful whistle.

Foreign Language -  I want to learn at least one foreign language out of the main four European languages like German, French, Italian or Spanish...Which one should I learn has not been decided till now.

Swimming - I wish to learn swimming for two reasons. One is that for learning the art and second which is more important is to save me from drowning first and then someone else...No, I am not being selfish but its just that I have to be safe to save somebody.

There may be some additions to this list as the time progresses, but for now these things are what I want to learn in my life. And I promise myself to take out some time for my aspirations.

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